Client Comments and Reviews

“Mostly” Unsolicited Client Comments and Reviews

Judging by the feedback — comments and reviews — we routinely receive, clients everywhere seem quite happy with the quality and effectiveness of our products and services.

Here’s what just some of these actual buyers are saying about Robert and Success Track Communications:

“Thanks again for your great work on this project.”
jerry clarkJerry Clark
Speaker/Business Trainer
Dallas, TX


“This is good! You obviously know how to put together a strong sales message. I was quite impressed with your ability to interpret and understand the concept of our business. In so doing, you were quite creative in developing an effective company brochure in the most cost-effective manner. You are both talented and expedient – a rare combination. Thank you!”
Terry Sawh
President, TopNotch Employment Services Inc.
Weston, Ontario

careers by design

“I just wanted to thank you personally for a job well done. When I showed it to a colleague, someone who’s been in this business for twenty years, he nearly fell out of his chair!”
Azeem Jadavji
Ajax, Ontario

“I wanted to personally thank you for putting together something that is so clearly worth many times more than the cost.”
Taylor Grant

“I always test and use ALL products before I recommend them and I had to test this one first to be sure it worked to produce the results promised (on the website). And guess what? I’ve seen a 275% INCREASE IN SALES. Honestly, I’m amazed. Believe me when I say that this can mean life or death to your profits and can make a substantial difference in the success of each and every ad campaign you run.”
Harmony Major
Raleigh, NC

“Rob… you did an excellent job! Thank you! We’re more than happy with your work. The Brochure/Portfolio has already paid for itself 2-times over, and then some!”
Joe Bunker
President, JBC General Contracting
Scarborough, Ontario

“Looks great – I really appreciate your marketing help and expertise.”
Darryl Thompson
Jacksonville, FL

“The accumulated knowledge that comprises your work has overwhelmed me. You are generous to a fault. In past circumstances, I’ve been influenced to act by the power of words, only to be disappointed time and time again. I would send my money and take my chances. It was no different when I responded to your website. Another ‘experience’ I thought. Boy, was I mistaken. Not only did I receive far more than I bargained for (making my purchase a real bargain) but I received exactly what I needed. Somehow, a simple thank-you seems inadequate.”
Ralph Schrank
President, Superior Marketing Services

“WOW! What a great piece… I want to sign up for my own program!”
ScottkoepfScott Koepf
Concord, CA



“Thanks Robert! Your products are fantastic and the bonus appreciated.”
Debra McDougal
Conyers, GA

“Excellent product, Excellent service. A pleasure. Thank you.”
Michael Parts
New South Wales, Australia

“I would definitely recommend Robert’s copywriting service. I have used Robert on numerous occasions for projects ranging from small adverts to large sales letters. Every time Robert has exceeded my expectations and more importantly delivered where it matters the most — increased sales. Choose Robert and you won’t go wrong.” – Wayne Mandic
London, United Kingdom

“I am doing my best to try and articulate with words how much I appreciate all that you do for me. You made my dreams a reality. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”
S. Embleton
Oakville, Ontario

“Robert — I just finished reading your salesletter. Amazing work. I was blown away… after reading about a 3rd of the way down I actually considered buying a copy (of my own product) for myself..You’ve done a fantastic job.”
Thomas Ingram
Miami, FL

“Robert gets my highest recommendation. If my daughter were being held by the devil… and the only way to get her released was to write winning copy for a sales campaign highlighting the joys of hell, Robert is the man I would contact to write that copy. He is great. Please contact him and pay him whatever he asks. He’s worth it.”
Chris Kilian
Stealth Promotions
Austin, TX

“WOW Robert… You’re awesome… The letter is terrific… FANTASTIC JOB. I started re-listening to the program again after I read the letter because of all the great things I read that was in it. Thanks again, Robert.”
Jerry Clark
Dallas, TX

“The postcard looks great! I absolutely love the bold message on the address side. Nice job, Robert! I look forward to hearing from you again.”
hartunianPaul Hartunian
Publicity Expert
Upper Montclair, NJ


“I just did a quick scan — and I’ve got to tell you… I Love It! You’ve done an incredible job so far and I think what you’ve put together is tremendous! You’re amazing, Robert! Keep up the great work.”
Jeff Gardner
Mansfield, TX

“What can I say about the letter???

You have done a wonderful job and I am absolutely delighted with it. I can’t believe how good you make the club sound. It is going to be a challenge to live up to the description )

It is very compelling and if it wasn’t my project I would have had no hesitation in wanting to join the club at all.

We would never in a thousand years have been able to come up with anything remotely as compelling and descriptive. I can understand why Tony Blake had no hesitation in recommending you.

There are not enough words to describe how delighted I am with it.

I have only read over it once (there was just so much information) and Gary hasn’t read it all yet as he is with a client so I’m sure that I will
discover some more gems when I re-read it.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I don’t envy your job at all and would be walking round with a permanent headache all day long.

You have been a real pleasure to work with. You have provided regular updates and have corresponded with us about all aspects of the club. You are
a true professional and I have no doubt that we will be working with you on other projects (if you’ll have us of course )

I can’t wait for Gary to see it and to be able to give you a more informed opinion when I have taken the vast amount of work in. Very best wishes Robert.”
Andrew Laing
Small Business Trainer
Durham, UK

“Awesome work! You really put some fire into the letter. I really like the guarantee. Overall you’ve done a great job… especially not knowing of this product previously! Thanks again Robert. Great job.”
Craig Romero
Property Developer and Author
Chicago, IL

“I think it is really good. I’m extra excited about the project now! No wonder you’re known as the headline master! Really good stuff.”
Frank Kern
Internet Marketing Star
La Jolla, CA

“You will be delighted to know that one of my best distributors came as a result of the excellent ad and sales letter put together by you for teachers. I had several from there, in fact, it was so successful that I’m going to run it again soon, and this one lady in particular is proving to be a real gem. We will never forget how much you have helped us…”
Marie Gibb
Salisbury, UK

“It sounds VERY VERY VERY good. I need some additional work and obviously I will pay you however much is needed for you to do it all. I just think it will be good to have you do it because you know what you’re doing.”
Monty Smith, Entrepreneur
Bakersfield, CA

“Excellent work on the copy! You created a stir of emotions in me to buy my own product! LOL I like the way you hit em with the benefits first. You really did an amazing job on improving my copy.”
Dennis Diamantidis
Toronto, Ontario

“You are so modest, I don’t know whether to spare your blushes by not telling you how excited both Gary and I are with the letter… but I won’t!! )

You deserve all the praise that we can offer for such an outstanding sales copy.

It is way beyond anything that either of us could put into action and we cannot wait for people to read it.

When we both read over it (again and again and again ) we both kept on saying at (very) frequent intervals, “Have you seen this bit” or “that is fantastic”…it completely bowled us over.

It really does eliminate any reason why a person would not buy into the club. Your pricing structure is pure genius!! We also couldn’t believe how you interpreted our marketing diary… pure poetry.

You have managed to get the key elements of the club across (action) without it sounding threatening or scary. It seems to instill a sense of determination in the reader’s mind.

We literally could go on and on.

As you can tell we are ecstatic. It is the best investment that we have ever made.

Many, many thanks for all of your hard work, patience and professionalism. It has been an honor to use your services and we hope to work with you again in the not too distant future.

Keep in touch. ) Our very best wishes from two very satisfied clients.”
Andrew Laing/ Gary Wilkinson
Small Business Trainers
Durham, UK

“Thanks again, Robert! Awesome job on the sales page. You have really put some fire into the letter and I really like the guarantee.”
Craig Romero
Chicago, IL

“The letters sound great! Brochure looks fine. I like it! Guess that’s why you’re paid the big bucks for what you do. I appreciate your good work.”
Les Ong
San Francisco, CA

“All I can say is ‘Simply Awesome!’ EXCELLENT WORK! I LOVE IT! I’m going to place these ads immediately. I have already started selling my manuals using the ads you wrote for me. Thanks for everything! I know I’ll make a lot of money with your package. Because of the quality of your sales letter, I have raised the price to $29.95. Given the limited exposure and the sales I’m already making, I believe this manual will be a great success! I have you to thank for it. I plan to work on several other manuals. I’ll keep you posted, as I’ll have you make the sales package for them also.”
Alexander J. Alfaro
Ft. Huachuca, AZ

“Looks stupendous. I’ve read the letter and it’s very, very powerful. Hats off to you again. I’m really happy with your work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”
Marilyn Johnson
Ojai, CA

“Robert, The package looks great. I’m a happy camper. I know I got a great price and value. I’m looking forward to our continued relationship and your able assistance in this and many more projects. As often as I can I’m going to plug your copy writing on the various discussion boards that I visit. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks!”
Bill Rhodes
Dove Canyon, CA

“I am very satisfied with the quality of work, translation of a vague idea into targeted, crisp and clear copy. Fast turnaround and support are the icing on the cake.”
Sam Siddiqui
Product Developer
Milpitas, CA

“Robert, thanks so much. I have to agree on the new headline — much more credible and the copy looks much more clearer. I like your letter… it is easier for the reader to understand. It flows nicely and adds some excitement. Thanks again.”
Acey Gaspard
Leamington, Ontario

“The letter is super… and the ads are great! It’s always worthwhile waiting for the best. It’s terrific! During this very hectic time – I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. Thanks for all your work — I love it!”
Flora Gabriel
Riverside, California

“Fantastic and beyond my expectations. I think the letter is brilliant – nothing needs to be changed.”
Wayne Mandic
London, United Kingdom

“I just had to drop you a line to say… you’ve done it again! You’ve hit the mark spot on with the language, the tone, the carrots… everything! I’m amazed, as I always am, but even more so this time as I know how difficult it was to get on the same wavelength as these people.

It’s absolutely brilliant! Perfect! Thank you so much… I knew it would be good but it’s exceeded all my expectations. I really believe it will give us a much better chance of attracting and keeping these strange species that keep slipping through the net.”
Marie Gibb
Salisbury, United Kingdom

“Wow. I knew I was missing some things in what I had done. Just didn’t know how much. It flows, sounds helpful and gets to the point of asking for the order. All great. EXCELLENT work.”
Chris Kilian
Austin, Texas

“I would especially like to thank Mr. Robert Boduch for everything that he has done for me. He has helped me develop a great marketing strategy and created sales letters and ads for me that resulted in immediate sales. Thanks Robert!”
Alexander Alfaro
AJA Publishing
Ft. Huachuca, Arizona

“I love it! You did a fantastic job! Go for it man!
Nolan W. Burris
President & CEO
Visiontronics Enterprises Inc.

“Robert, I love it! You really captured the essence of the thing. I feel like signing up myself! Bravo! Magnifico!
Danny Braun
Ojai, California

“Thanks sooo much! You have no idea how excited I am, I’m shaking. =) I’m shaking coz I’m so excited to test and see how much money I’m gonna make. I just read the sales letter and it’s sooo damn good! Thanks so much. I owe you big time.”
Jipy Torres
JMT Research

“I love it! Thanks for tweaking it more and making it even more interesting!”
Jim Menge

“This is EXCELLENT! It is very clear and to the point.”
Onkar Persaud
Toronto, Ontario

“Wow, we are speechless. The letter you wrote for us is outstanding. It is incredibly good and we are super-delighted with your work!!! You totally capture the intention of what we want to do, and made the cover letter a very persuasive and powerful marketing letter! I just knew you were the man for the job after reading that initial free review you did. Can’t believe we accidentally met through an ad on eBay! Wow! A divine appointment.  Thank you so much for your  inspiring work!”
Richard Saldan
Philadelphia, PA

“You’ve done it again. Another masterpiece. I am mega busy this week, so it will be the weekend before I get a chance to fully digest it. By the way, the other two sites are doing well. I already have had about 15 web sales and 7 applications for merchant accounts. Thanks for the great work and I’ll be in touch again soon.”
Wayne Mandic
London, UK