Copy Makeovers Made Easy: 3 Fast Ways To Boost Response

 Copy Makeovers Made Easy: 3 Fast Ways To Boost Response

Are you ready to improve your conversion results? If so, you’re ready for a copy makeover.

If all you need is a little medicine and not major surgery, you can make several quick and easy changes — and likely boost response rates in the process. You can probably take whatever sales copy you have now, modify it and make it at least a little more effective. Just remember that there’s only one reason to tinker and that is to convert more potential buyers into customers.

Recast, rework and repackage your sales letter to make it more arresting, alluring and inviting.

Since you already have a sales letter in place, chances are good that you’re sitting on some solid gold (yet possibly hidden) sales material. Often a slight makeover can work wonders in terms of response. So, before you crumple it up and toss it in the trash, try tweaking your sales page first. You might be surprised with the new results.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you quickly improve your response rate:

1) Create A More Compelling Headline

This is critical. The headline is the first thing your audience sees. It either “grabs” prospects by the jugular… or it doesn’t. If the headline fails, nothing else matters much because it won’t even get a fair reading.

Make your headline and/or sub-heading alluring. Talk to your prospect about what is most important to her. Think in terms of the BIG BENEFIT your product offers and deliver it in a captivating and compelling way.

Craft a handful of words that attract attention, identify specific target markets, and deliver enough interest and intrigue to pull true prospects inside. If you’re struggling with your headline, just think about the greatest advantage your product offers and promise it right up front.

2) Take The “YOU” Point Of View

You’re weight-loss story might be admirable, but what does it mean to your reader or prospect? Talk about yourself and the audience turns off. Talk to your reader one-on-one about something important in her life… and you’ve got her undivided attention – at least momentarily.doover

If you could re-shape your story… if you could express it in a way that was more meaningful to your individual readers, you’d quickly capture their interest. There’s a difference between telling your audience that you lost X number of pounds… and telling them how they can lose X pounds, enjoy the process, and feel terrific about their slim, new look.

Remember the old marketing phrase “What’s In It For Me?” Everything your prospect reads gets filtered through this frame of reference. With each statement you make, your audience is thinking… “So What? What does this have to do with me in my situation? How does this help me?” If the answer isn’t obvious immediately, off they go and you lose the sale. Many times the decision to stay or go is made in the blink of an eye – and often unconsciously.

3) Turn Your Bullet Points Into Irresistible, Benefit-Packed Mini-Headlines

Make each bullet a “grabber” in its own right. Many prospects will scan certain segments of your letter, to determine if what you’re offering is something they really want.

While many marketers use bullet points in their sales letters, most settle for weak impotent copy that lacks enthusiasm and passion. If you’re going to use this powerful tool, do it up right. Craft your bullet points with the same emotion and magnetic appeal, as you’d inject into a major headline. After a while, this gets easier.

Bullet points are one element of sales letter that have the power to quickly trigger intense reader interest. Use them for all they’re worth by making each point justify itself. Each and every bullet point should be capable of compelling the reader to read on — with heightened desire and interest. Anything less is costing your money.

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