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Here’s How To Magnetically Attract  More Prospects, Customers and Cash… With The Persuasive Power of Words

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Entrepreneurs and Business Owners — Are YOU…

Looking for better results from your marketing efforts?
Interested in sales copy that converts and makes you more money?
In search of stronger, clearer, more convincing ways to communicate with new prospects and customers?

With effective SEO strategies in place — you will get targeted traffic to your website. Now it’s just a matter of turning this traffic into continuous sales and growing profits. All while growing your own in-house list of eager buyers.

That’s the value of carefully-crafted copy. Copy that sells.

Take a good hard look at all your marketing materials.

To produce the best RESULTS you must ATTRACT THE RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE… communicate powerfully and persuasively… and inspire them to take action.mer avatar

A big part of solving the puzzle boils down to the words you choose. It’s your sales copy that plays a major role in conversions and overall results.

To maximize results, you need your message to be noticed and responded to – immediately. With today’s shrinking attention spans – it’s NOW or NEVER.

I just did a quick scan — and I’ve got to tell you… I Love It! You’ve done an incredible job so far and I think what you’ve put together is tremendous! You’re amazing, Robert! Keep up the great work.”
Jeff Gardner
Direct Marketing Expert
Mansfield, Texas

“WOW Robert… You’re awesome… The letter is terrific… FANTASTIC JOB. I started re-listening to the program again after I read the letter because of all the great things I read that was in it. 🙂 Thanks again, Robert.”
Jerry Clark
Dallas, TX

“Fantastic! You’re absolutely on the nail as usual. We don’t know of anybody else who hits the spot like you do. What can I say? You’re a genius! Brilliant ideas! We are very impressed with your professionalism and the quality of your work and ideas and thank our lucky stars that we found you. You’re very welcome to use these remarks as they come from the heart. Thanks very much once again.”
Marie and Sarah Gibb
Salisbury, U.K.

Well-crafted copy converts into more  sales methodically… consistently… relentlessly. It ethically leads and suggests… it kindles your buyer’s inner desires… and it evokes a quick response. Sales copy done the right way produces profits — sometimes enormous profits. And it’s the kind of sales copy I’ll write for you.

You get attention-getting ideas… descriptive benefits… and appealing, irresistible offers. It’s word power that produces results FAST. And you’ll have powerful sales tool that works for you over and over again!


“Robert gets my highest recommendation. If my daughter were being held by the devil… and the only way to get her released was to write winning copy for a sales campaign highlighting the joys of hell, Robert is the man I would contact to write that copy. He is great. Please contact him and pay him whatever he asks. He’s worth it.”
Chris Kilian
Stealth Promotions
Austin, Texas

“The postcard looks great! I absolutely love the bold message on the address side. Nice job, Robert! I look forward to hearing from you again.”
Paul Hartunian
Publicity Expert
Upper Montclair, New Jersey

“Just one word describes it: SUPERB! You’ve come up with some GREAT material for me, all on short notice. Headlines, ad layouts, sales letters – you do it all. I am financially independent today, thanks very much in part to you! Your work is of a very high quality!”
Alexander Alfaro
Ft. Huachuca, AZ

Whatever business-building tools you need — we can create for you, including:

* Web Sales Pages
* Sales Letters
* Brochures
* Press Releases
* Display Ads
* Reports
* Postcards
* Books

Whatever you need, we’ll take care of it for you. And deliver on budget and on time – every time.

Customized, combination packages are a specialty. Let us put one together for you – one’s that’s a perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Here are just some of the categories of businesses we’ve been privileged to work with over the past few years:

Authors * Product Developers * Building Contractors * Home Cleaning Services * Import-Export Dealers * On-Line Marketers * Employment Agencies * Direct Mail Marketers * Financial Planners * Water and Air Filtration Dealers * Accountants * Investment Strategists * Natural Health Practitioners * Restoration Service Firms * Landscapers * Business Services * and MORE!

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Now it’s YOUR turn.

This is your unique opportunity to let us do the heavy lifting for you. Give us your business and we will help you consistently, painlessly and automatically generate more sales.

If you want real results – results you can take to the bank – here’s…

A Simple Formula For Guaranteed Business Success

1. Continuously attract lots of new customers — online and offline
2. Get those customers to buy from you more often and to refer others to your business
3. Increase the dollar value of every sale you generate

It’s a sure-fire strategy for long-term business success. Follow it and you can’t lose.

But remember – it all starts by attracting interested prospects and converting them into first-time buyers.

Finding new customers is vital to the growth of every business.

But how do you attract a steady stream of interested prospects who’ve never heard of you before?

With – COPY THAT SELLS – that’s how.

You want your promotional material to attract attention… promote your unique benefits… and get more people to convince themselves to take action NOW.

“The letter is super… and the ads are great! It’s always worthwhile waiting for the best. It’s terrific! During this very hectic time – I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. Thanks for all your work – I love it!”
– Flora Gabriel Riverside, CA

The #1 Key To Business Growth Is Successful Marketing

There’s nothing more important to your success than ATTRACTING new customers. It’s the foundation of prosperous businesses in every industry. Do that and you’ll never have to worry about business survival… as long as you continue to provide quality, in-demand products and good service.

Effective sales copy can help you find more customers and get them to take that crucial next step, so you can reach your goals much faster.

Truth is… no business can survive without customers.

It doesn’t matter how superior your product or service is. If you don’t have customers, all you have is inventory… or an unused skill… and no real profit.

Most businesses are at least fairly good at what they do. But, they’re not so good at attracting a steady stream of ready-to-buy customers. And a business without a steady flow of paying customers, isn’t much fun and in fact, can bankrupt you in no time flat.

You can set your business up to attract all the business you can handle.

Whatever sales copy or marketing materials you need – you get them, FAST! We promise lightning-quick delivery on all your important business tools.

If you want to enjoy the rewards of your hard work, we can help. If you want to see far better results from your promotional efforts, NOW is the time to take action.

Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION. We’ll take a look at your current sales copy and provide you with valuable feedback. Let us focus our efforts on getting you more business — online and offline. It’s out there now. Are you ready to grab it?

You can reach me anytime via e-mail at: Robert (AT) bizprofitbuilder (DOT) com

And remember…

Just one slight improvement in response can have a dramatic effect on the profits earned. And a HUGE INCREASE will open the cash flow floodgates and shoot your profits through the roof!

It doesn’t cost you ANYTHING to find out more. Your initial consultation is absolutely FREE. So why not contact us now? Let’s chat about your goals – we can help you reach them faster and for much less than you’d expect. See for yourself if I can help you get you the kind of results I’ve helped others achieve.

Looking forward to helping you make lots more auto-pilot sales!

Success Track Communications
email: robert (AT) bizprofitbuilder (DOT) com

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